ISRA’ TV, a collaboration on knowledge sharing between IRKSS and JKQ

Photo caption: Head of Information and Technology for JKQ Club, Faris Mazida editing the video provided by IRKSS video production crew and uploading on ISRA’ TV Youtube Channel and IIUM Online.

By Basir Roslan

Gombak, 10 March 2015: The launching of ISRA’ TV, a collaboration between Islamic Revealed Knowledge Student Society (IRKSS) and Jam’iyyah Khadamatil Quran ( JKQ ) Club recently targeted to share the revealed knowledge learned by Islamic Revealed Knowledge (IRK) students to bring benefits to all.

“What I can see from this ISRA’ TV launching is that the IRK students can now share what we had acquired in classes with other students from different majors. We share it through Youtube and IIUM Online as we want to utilise the social media well,“ said ISRA’ TV production crew member, Mohammad Fikri bin Nawawi who was also the President of IRKS and head of Information and Technology (IT) for JKQ Club.

He said this idea actually came to his mind about the sharing the Islamic revealed knowledge such as tafsir, sirah, ‘ulum hadith and others not only among IRK students, but also a knowledge to be shared with all IIUM students.

He quoted one authentic hadith from Rasulullah S.A.W, “He that leadeth to do good then he will get a reward like the reward of those who do it.” (Muslim)

The reason why IRKSS collaborated with JKQ Club is because he could see a similarity and relationship in the mission and vision of both societies, that is to bring understanding of the teaching of Al-Quran and Sunnah to everyone so that they can apply the knowledge in their daily life.

On the video recording, IRKSS lead by the head of IT, Hafizi Abd. Latif, will provide one speaker to talk on certain topic that had been chosen for a particular week such as tafsir, ‘aqidah and sirah.  JKQ club is under the supervision of its head of IT, Faris Mazida, who will provide editing team once the video recording has been done. For example, the IRKSS crew will record the video and then pass it to Faris Mazida as he will edit it and post it on YouTube and IIUM Online every Friday at 10.00 a.m so that viewers can enjoy and learn one video uploaded every week.

“We from ISRA’ TV and JKQ Club always hope that this channel will be a good platform for us to bring benefits for others, especially IIUM students. And this is to show our eternal love to our beloved Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. , “ said Fikri.

Faris Mazida is also one of the executive council members of JKQ Club and he put his faith that this ISRA’ TV channel would help raise the name of JKQ Club in the eyes of IIUM as one club that upholds the teachings of Quran and Sunnah.

Those interested to watch and follow the video may subscribe to YouTube channel (ISRA’ TV) and watch on IIUM Online every Friday.

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