Quran and Sunnah convention, first time held and a success

By Siti Nabilah Shaikh Omar

GOMBAK, 26 February 2015: For the very first time, the Department of Quran & Sunnah has successfully conducted the Quran & Sunnah Convention at Experimental Hall, IIUM on 26 to 27 February 2015. The event was held with the objective of enhancing the students’ ability in developing their academic achievement and soft skills through short documentary production competition, blog writing and academic research.

This programme consisted largely of three main events – Convention (26 February), Grand Forum, inclusive of Mass Gathering of RKQS’ students (27 February), and Exhibition for both days. These events were aimed at empowering the students as future Qur’anic generation by recognising their intellectual ability in proposing solutions for modern societal problems.

The  event’s Deputy Director, Dr. Nurul Jannah bt Zainan Nazri said: “We would like to see more of the Quran & Sunnah students contributing to society, to get themselves involved with charity work, and to do community services, not just reading from the textbooks. As you can see the blog competition, video competition and paperwork competition are all practical things, at the same time, a contemporary way of approaching people to Islam.”

The most valuable part of the event was the Grand Forum on the topic “Social awareness beyond the classroom” in which the panelists were Shaikh Esam Rajab, Dr. Mohd Shah Bin Jani, Dr. Maszlee Malik and the moderator was Dr Esam El-Tigani.

The forum was indeed very fruitful. One of the panelists said that students are now lacking in social awareness because they are being confined by universities and are taught to focus on getting good grades in their studies, as a result they are oblivious to their surroundings.

The exhibition has attracted many participants to attend because they got to know the history of the establishment of Department of Quran and Sunnah. There were also books that have been displayed in the publication corner in which all the books were produced by lecturers and students themselves. There were also biography of lecturers and successful alumni with the motive to inspire the viewers.

The event’s Convention Manager, Muhammad Sahli Bin Arifin said : ‘‘Although this is our first big event it’s a successful one. Alhamdulillah. Therefore, we intend to organise the event annually as we can see that it benefited not only the Quran & Sunnah students but other students as well.”***

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