Indonesia’s Taaruf Akbar receives good response

By Shaula Safira

As an international university, students of IIUM come from all over the world. Arabs, Europeans, Africans and of course Asians are all gathered in this blue university to gain knowledge not only for this world but also for the hereafter. Including in this university are people from one of world’s largest population, Indonesia, Malaysia’s neighbouring country, where approximately over 600 students are part of the IIUM family.

Just like any other country, Indonesia has its own students association called Persatuan Pelajar Indonesia International Islamic University Malaysia (PPI IIUM) where students are gathered for football matches and various events and programmes are conducted. They include study groups mentored by the seniors, Bola Gila (football match), Islamic Understanding Course, and the latest, Taaruf Akbar 2015.

Ekky Ambaryani Pagau, a second year communication student, who is the programme manager of Ta’aruf Akbar 2015 for Indonesian Family said: “The objective of this event is to gather all Indonesian students in IIUM to have some silaturahim where we can get the chance to know each other and strengthen the ukhuwwah.”

Over 200 Indonesian postgraduate and undergraduate students attended the programme on 20 February 2015 held at Mini Auditorium. Among them were lecturers and their family members, she added.

The evening started with the welcoming speech from the programme manager and Prof. Dr. Rini Akmeliawati, supervisor of the association. It then continued with games hosted by Abror and Habibaturrahmi. The peak of the programme came when each batch of students performed a show, Batch 11 (the students whose matric number started with 11) performed their acoustic band, Batch 12 with their Marawis (Indonesia’s traditional music), Batch 13 had Drama Kabayan (Indonesian folktale), Batch 14 with musical poetry and Postgraduates with chain messages. Performance by Sanggar Chatulistiwa PPI IIUM, the newest club under the Sports and Arts Division PPI IIUM, also added to the excitement. It was a music, singing, beat box, poetry, and pantomime full show, reflecting the club.

Everyone had a good time. Ikhwanul Fazli, President of PPI IIUM said: “It was wonderful. We think that we’ve reached the main objective, not only undergraduates but also postgraduate students came along to support the association and that delighted us. Shows and performances by each batch were an addition, so everyone could show his and her talent.”

Want to join the hype? PPI IIUM will hold a programme called Bahasa Indonesia Class for International Students 3rd Batch starting next month, which is  open for all international students (excluding Singapore and Brunei). It is a free class for international students who want to learn the language and the Indonesian culture, instructed by the Indonesian students of IIUM.

Are you interested? If you are keen, please send your name, matric number, Kulliyyah and phone number to Dani (Bro) 014-2374025 or Anida (Sis) 010-2892455.***

Photos taken by Hasna Qonita

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