Humanitarian Expo 4.0 to promote CENSERVE

By Hamka Rosli

GOMBAK, 20 February 2015: Censerve Humanitarian Expo will be held for four days starting on 24 until 27 February 2015. The venue for this exposition will be the business centre, in front of the mosque compound. The Expo is intended to recruit new members and to become part of the CENSERVE big family. Besides, it aims to introduce every club under CENSERVE to IIUM community.

CENSERVE which stands for Centre for Community Service and Continuing Education,  has been successful in training students to run community service projects both locally and at international level. Now, after 15 years, CENSERVE emerges as the Centre for University Social Responsibility with a bigger role to play. It is entrusted with administering community service activities carried out by both students and staff and acts as the clearing house of community service opportunities and information.

All clubs under CENSERVE, such as Steadfast, Caring Club, Quranic Youth Club, Sendi Club, Titian Asli, Caring Club, Gemilang Club, Inspire Club, PERKIM and also JASA club will get the chance to open one booth to promote their respective club. All are welcome and be part of the CLUB. The bigger the better.***


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