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By Quraibah Razak

I know everyone has mix feelings when it is time to return to campus. While some students prefer to have shorter semester break, most of us are fighting with our own feelings to go back to campus. However, students still know the fact that they have to go back to their normal student life. So, I am going to share some tips on getting ourselves ready to face the new semester.

The results are finally out! And I bet that all students had studied hard for their exams. Waiting for the result to come out felt like years after relentless staying ups and burning the midnight oil in studying. Therefore, I would like to congratulate everyone who had given their alls in their finals.

It does not matter the pointers that you gained, but it is the knowledge you obtained that matters. But still, applauds to those who had achieved flying colours and those who did accomplish their target. Remember, this is not the end of the world and you still have time to fight your way to the top, so don’t lose hope!

Basically, there are four types of students lingering in the university. Some of you may refer this as juniors and seniors. But there are common terms that describes these university students. Based on the American system, they classify the first year as freshmen, second year as sophomores, third year as juniors, and the final year as seniors. Hence, I am going to share some tips according to the students’ categories.

For freshmen which are the first year students, we welcome you to the campus. I know everyone is excited to enter the university life, being in lecture classes, having different kinds of club activities and meeting new friends. An advice to all freshmen, this is the time for you to explore this different environment the university has to offer, but then, always think of the consequences in doing so. As a student, there is always time for everything, so learn how to manage the time intelligently.

Firstly, as freshmen, the important thing is to always refer to the seniors on class schedule and academic related activities. They have more experience, good, bad, small or big, which could help you organise your academic lives.

Next, a cliché advice, you have to choose your friends wisely. Having friends from high school is different with university friends. Because the scope of friendship widens with different people entering your life compared to when you were in high school which was a close environment. But even as you choose your friends, you do not have to limit yourself befriending limited people because in the university, it is the time to build your network that could help you with your future. Just be careful, and not to be influenced by bad people. After all, university life is all about enjoying!

The second and third years however, have already gained enough of the know-how compared to the first years. Any advice would feel redundant. But once in a while there are always improvements that can be made and what is important is not to give up. Yes, as a student, I have also felt the ups and downs of learning, not achieving the targeted grades even when we have strived as best as we could. It’s as though life isn’t fair but let me tell you, life can never be fair if there is no acceptance. Never dwell on the past, move on and improve yourself.

Finally the most anticipated tips which are for the final year students. The seniors now have to face challenges not only on the academics side but also to prepare themselves for the future challenges. Let us not think too far ahead and just imagine the incoming preparation for example, either to pursue a higher level of academic admission which is masters and PhDs. Just thinking about it, mentally tires a person let alone a student because this is considered as change of life as in a career path.

When a student has reached this phase of life as a senior, what you have to do is to consult with a knowledgeable person. Those who want to continue to a higher level of education, they need to list out the universities and courses they want to do. Whereas for those who want to start a career life should start doing research on companies that offer good working experience and career prospects. What is important is that you love what you are going to do. Because when you do not love what you do you will never work a day.

The tips above are based on the writer’s opinion on how a university life should be, because there are still lots of things you can experience in life. Hence, the tips shared here hopefully would be beneficial to every one.

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Quraibah Razak

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