Final exams: Tips you need to know to succeed

By Mahado Mohamed Abdi

Final examinations are around the corner. Here are some tips to release your stress.

The examination period is a crucial time for us as students because anxiety increases as we prepare for the exams. Stress and fear of failure are common negative emotions that students face. This could be due to some common mistakes that we do such as cramming and pulling all-night few days before the exam. Such mistakes will lead us to perform badly in the exams.

I know the final week can be hectic and stressful time for all of us since we are getting ready for the upcoming exams and trying to cram everything that we have been studying for the whole semester. Well, some students can handle this and perform very well, while others get stressed out and cannot concentrate on their studies and later they are bound to perform badly in their exams. So knowing how to properly prepare for the finals is an important point, in order to avoid stress and score high marks instead. Thus, here are some techniques that will help you to better prepare for final exams and insha’ Allah you will perform well.

Week before the exams

When there is only one week left from the finals we always get motivation from our friends like; “Don’t study hard, study smart” or “You can do it”. Yes ONLY one week from exams and it is the time when you ensure that you have all the notes that you need and manage your time wisely to study smart.

      1. Organisation is the most important technique to consider doing, is also one of the most key factors to succeed. Forming a revision timetable permits you to set your goals and achieve it within the exact time frame. Besides it will help you to prioritize the most difficult courses that you think it needs more time. Having a timetable also will motivate you and make your study goes smoothly.
      2. Avoid cramming: Don’t try to study everything within this time frame because you will experience test anxiety later on, and you will lose the information. So, try to study smart! For example, study for 40-60 minutes and give yourself a break for 10 minutes. This will help you to retain the information for longer period compared to cramming.
      3. What is the best time for you to study? This depends on whether you are a morning or a night person – I am a night person so I study during night but not late night. Choose what the suitable time is for you, where you can easily grasp the information. This is because people have different preference when it comes to their study time.

Day before the exams

On the day before your exam, make sure that you have read everything and revised it well. Also try not to study new stuff; like something you didn’t cover in the previous weeks, because you will be overwhelmed and forget some information. Besides try to relax and avoid unhealthy food or else you will get stomach ache while you are having your exam! One more thing: Avoid all-night (studying all night for the test) as it is not good for your memory, attention, or concentration during your exam. Based on a study done by Associate Professor of Psychology at St. Lawrence University, pulling all-nighter affects the memories of the students. As a result your grades will be lower compared to if you sleep well the night before your exam. Thus, an early and good night sleep is really crucial because this will help your memory to recall the information. 

During exams

It is the big day, from this time you must be ready for the exams. Think positive. I know you must be under stress and pressure, but try to breathe and read ayah al kursi to reduce it. Do not let your test-anxiety control you instead you must control them. During exams make sure you read the question completely and fully understand. Start to answer the question you are more confident with. Also bear in mind that our first instincts are always right, don’t try to second guess and be confident to write it down. If you are faced with a brain freeze or mental block; you cannot recall your information, just breathe deeply, relax and pray to Allah (s.w.t) in sha Allah you will soon start to remember.

All the best for your finals, and remember it is never too late to prepare yourself for the finals, it all depends on how you plan to study. Just try your best put your trust in Allah (S.W.T) and you have nothing to fear.***

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