Voice out, students!

By Kaiyisah Nurulsyakur bt. Yusof

Students’ Representative Council 2014/2015 will organise a special programme called ‘Voice out, students!’. This programme will be conducted on Thursday, 18 December 2014, at the Main Auditorium, IIUM, Gombak.

Previously, students tend to criticise SRC during the Annual General Meeting, which commonly takes place during the end of the tenure of the SRC itself. So, with a new initiative by SRC 2014/2015 tenure, the students will be able to do so before the semester ends.

It is hoped that this programme would become a platform and medium for IIUM students to voice out their opinions and suggestions on various issues; either in welfare or academic matters which are within the SRC 2014/2015 committee members’ jurisdiction to hear them.

This programme is conducted to hear the expectations of IIUM students towards SRC 2014/2015.

Besides, this programme is to realise the manifesto initially made by the two SRC members during the recent IIUM Campus Election, Azizul Hafiz and Abdullah Ali. In their manifesto, Azizul and Abdullah had promised the voters that they would provide a medium and platform for the students to voice out their concerns and problems.

As Assistant Programme Manager for this programme, I hope many IIUM students will attend this programme. We really need fresh ideas for the betterment of SRC and IIUM itself. See you there! =) ***

Note: The author is the Exco Member of SRC 2014/15

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