Australia-Malaysia delegation visits IIUM

By Wan Eizzul Wan Zulkifli

GOMBAK, 10 December 2014: The Australia-Malaysia Institute and the Australian High Commission delegation paid a visit to IIUM today and was received by the Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences following which a discussion was held at the Al-Tabari conference room with the lecturers and Post-Graduate Society of IIUM.

In the delegation were youth leaders and professionals who have in many ways influenced and inspired the minority Muslim population in Australia. Most notable among them were Mr. Kemal Brkic, Dr. Imran Lum, Ms. Amna Harra-Hassan, Ms. Maha Najjarine, Ms. Nur Shkembi and Ms. Ruffiath Yousuff. They came from various backgrounds such as art, psychology, finance, health and even criminology.

The purpose of the visit was to share their knowledge and experience with aspiring students of IIUM as well as to engage in a formal discussion with lecturers regarding issues such as the differences relating to Islam and culture between minority and majority groups living in different societies like Australia which have a minority Muslim population, compared to Malaysia which has a majority Muslim population.

“We’ve had such an insightful conversation, the robustness of the conversation has been really great. It’s really an interesting meeting with diverse people and we were able to compare this with conversations we had with politicians in Australia,” said Amna Harra-Hassan.

The delegation also visited and had discussion with coordinators and editorial board of and IIUMToday to inspire IIUM communication undergraduates to achieve their goals and to work hard as well as to reflect upon their own past experiences.

“Particularly with communication, it’s about gaining an understanding. Communication goes both ways, it’s not what you want to teach the people what they are supposed to do, but also what you’re going to learn,” Ruffiath Yousuff said.

Nur Shkembi said: “Live your life with an open heart and an open mind, take opportunities when you get to travel. You can better your community and society by just helping somebody else or smiling and appreciating opportunities when you have them.”

Photos by Naim Fadil

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