Evening market at Convest Hill

By Suraya Usamah

GOMBAK, 26 September 2014: Evening souq (market) has taken place for the first time at the famous Convest Hill, IIUM from 5 until 10 pm. Starting from today onwards, the souq will be open twice a month for both students and outsiders.

It is organised by Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC) in collaboration with Federal Agricultural and Marketing Authority (FAMA) and the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA).

The evening souq includes around 17 to 20 different stalls selling fresh groceries such as chicken, fish, vegetables and fruits, and ready-to-eat food like the famous Uncle Bob fried chicken, homemade cakes, soya and more.

An EDC assistant administrative officer, Mohamad Zul Falihin said that the aim of organising this souq is to provide affordable fresh products to the IIUM community including lecturers, students and staff.

He furthermore mentioned that there would be a bus-like vehicle called “Pasar bergerak 1 Malaysia” selling dry groceries such as oil, sugar and rice.

Anas Mohamad Naser who is selling various types of seafood said, “We bring our products fresh directly from the fishermen, and sell it with the same cheap price.”

Nur Farhana, from Kulliyah of Economics and Management Science (KENMS), in cooperation with several other friends from other kulliyyah, was selling soya juice. She said, “We will be participating every month, selling our delicious soya juice.”

One of the customers, Aisha Abdulrahman, a KENMS student said, “It is a good idea to have an actual market on campus, yet not so useful for us, students, because we actually cannot cook in our mahallahs”.

Shawal Ras

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