Work of Prof. Syed Arabi, an inspiration to us

By Izzud deen Redzuan and Nanauzir

Former rector of International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Syed Arabi Idid, 70,  has  launched his two books entitled “Transformasi Pemikiran Komunikasi” and “Scholarship in Transformation” at Hotel Bangi-Putrajaya yesterday (28 September 2014).

A prominent academic, he teaches communication theory, supervises post-graduate students and conducts research.

He has spent over 20 years of his career working as a researcher for the betterment of the ummah and he is well-known among his colleagues for being passionate in doing research and writing.

During the book launch, we had the opportunity to interview Prof. Syed to find out what he’s been up to lately. As a bonus to us, we also managed to record beautiful words from his lovely wife, Datin Sri Normah.

An Introduction from Datin Sri Norma

Now and then, I’ve known him as a hardworking husband and if he’s not working on something he will be sick. He spent his time wisely at home such as reading books, writing articles, doing research and spending quality times with the grandkids.

When he was a rector back then, he’s fully occupied with students’ activities although it’s on weekends. He stole the night times to entertain us and play with the grandkids and when it came to his kids, he always stressed the importance of education.

At present, I love to see him at home after his lectures ended. He’s doing research at his room and have meals together with us. He doesn’t like wasting time and he’s only going outside when I requested. Sometimes, he’s being noisy because we have been going out regularly and his work had not yet completed (all laugh).

How are you feeling about the birthday celebration and this event?

Actually, this event is centred on the books launched and by coincidence to be happening on the same date of my birthday, 28th September. Although, I’m valued more on the books launched.

Can you tell us in detail about the books?

Actually, the book is a collection of the papers and articles that I had submitted in the past years. It’s a compilation of selected articles which make up to three volumes and Dr. Faridah Ibrahim is in charge.

They selected the articles that are relevant to the topic and came up with two books; one in Bahasa Malaysia and the other in English. These two books are totally different since each discussed different topics and different occasions of the presented papers in the 70s up to 80s, then 90s.

One of the objectives of doing so is that they want to see the flow of my ideas and thought about certain activities that I’ve been concerned with.

What has inspired you to write more and more?

I think it’s curiosity towards something and I believe the academic should write and present papers, and that’s the role of the academic. Therefore, it has induced me to write more.

Would you mind sharing with us your daily routine? Your wife said you’re a very disciplined and a hardworking husband.

(He’s blushing)… I wake up every morning for Subuh prayer and after that I work until almost 11.30p.m. I normally take my family out for days and spend quality times with them overseas once a year in places such as Tokyo, New Zealand and other places.

What is your advice to IIUM students?

I hope all students will be able to set your priority and always be very inquisitive in your studies, be very hardworking, produce good quality work for your lecturers, and be productive in your work too.

Photo by Shazni Ong

Izzud deen Redzuan

Former Managing Editor of IIUMToday 2014 - 2016, Best Undergraduate Researcher 2015 & Hamka Award 'Best Communication' Student for 33rd Convocation 2017.

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