Islamic Architectural Heritage Symposium (ISArcH) 2014

By Shawal Ras

GOMBAK: The 2014’s edition of Islamic Architectural Heritage Symposium (ISArcH) to be held from today until 22 August at KAED Gallery, International Islamic University Malaysia campus in Gombak, is expected to gather experts in heritage architecture.

Organised by the Kulliyyah of Architecture and Environmental Design (KAED) this event will start from 8.00am until 5.00pm.

The main theme for this year’s event is “Manifestation of Islamic Values: Contemporary Issues in Malaysian Architectural Heritage.”

ISArcH is a platform and an avenue to exchange ideas and promote existing and previous works done by the Kulliyyah to the nation in areas of Islamic architectural heritage.

This symposium is expected to examine issues of governance, environmental and cultural sustainability and also to share knowledge and experiences in heritage architecture.

For further information, please visit this website.


Photo taken from Panoramio

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