Major Incident Medical Management & Support (MIMMS) Workshop

By Shawal Ras

KUANTAN: A workshop on ‘Major Incident Medical Management & Support ‘(MIMMS) organised by the Kulliyyah of Nursing will be held in Kuantan on August 19, 2014.

Scheduled from 8.00 a.m., this event will be held at the Grand Hall, Office of Campus Director, International Islamic University Malaysia (Indera Mahkota Campus, Kuantan).

The main objective of MIMMS’ workshop is to provide participants with knowledge about the subject, promote preparedness, and to improve their roles, responsibilities, and organisational communication during any disaster.

Among the noteworthy speakers at workshop are Prof. Paul Arbon (Dean of the School of Nursing, Flinders University) and Dr. Sazwan Reezal Shamsuddin (national specialist).

For more information, you may refer to their pamphlet.

Photo taken from International Islamic University Malaysia


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