Islamisation and Integration Book Project launched

By Shawal Ras

GOMBAK 11 August 2014: A ‘book writing project’ related to Islamisation and Integration was launched by International Islamic University Malaysia today.

The project is a collaborative effort between the office of the Deputy Rector (Internationalisation & Industry and Community Relations (IICR), Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences (KIKRHS), Centre of Islamisation (CENTRIS) and International Institute of Islamic Thoughts (IIIT).

Run by KIRKHS, this two-year project will be divided into phases which consist of firstly, a review of the selected 16 course outlines offered in KIRKHS by the former Rector,  Prof. Emeritus Dato’ Dr Abdul Hamid Ahmad Abu Sulayman and secondly, to produce textbook on selected topics to be used for courses offered in KIRKHS.

In order to ensure success and smoothness of this project, a small group consisting of academicians from KIRKHS called “Islamisation think tank” has been formed.

Held at the Banquet Hall, Cultural Activity Centre (CAC) of the university’s main campus, the launching ceremony was attended by Deputy Rector for IICR, Prof. Dr. Abdelaziz Berghout, as well as Deputy Rector for Academic and Planning, Prof. Dato’ Dr. Md. Tahir Azhar, IIIT Regional Representative for East ad Southeast Asia, Dato’ Wira Dr. Jamil Osman, Director of Centre of Islamisation (CENTRIS), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hazizan Md. Noon, and former rector, Dato’ Dr. Abdul Hamid A AbuSulayman.

Photos by Br. Sarim

Shawal Ras

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