Video by Palestinian student in local media to raise awareness

By Shawal Ras

GOMBAK: A video on a plea for help by a Palestinian student from International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) made its way to Malaysia’s mainstream media recently appealing to the audience for support to the Palestinians’ sufferings in Gaza following attacks by the Israeli forces.

The video became a trending topic in Twitter and Facebook and began appearing in various media outlets, including Astro Awani.

The student featured in the video, Hassan Radwan, was born and raised in Malaysia. He was fluent in Arabic, English, as well as Bahasa Malaysia, as seen in the video.

“I could not stand seeing my people getting killed and massacred. I felt helpless while seeing them on news. So I asked myself what’s the best way to raise awareness and so I came up with this idea,” Hassan said in an email interview.

Gaza is currently under severe attack by the Zionist regime, Israel. More than one thousand Palestinians, including children, have been killed since fighting broke out in July.

Hassan Radwan is currently in West Bank, Palestine.

Shawal Ras

A lecturer by day and a music blogger by night. Formerly: Managing editor at IIUMToday, and lifestyle writer for Esquire Malaysia and The Score Magazine.

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