A companion to the forgotten, Narayanan Krishnan – A Ramadhan reflection

By Izzud deen Redzuan

Narayanan Krishnan, he may not be a Muslim but he is doing what our Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) did; teaching Allah’s commands as written in the Qur’an, “You are the best of nations raised up for humanity”. (Al-Imran 3:110)

Charity is preached by every religion of the world, is a way of bringing justice to society. In Islam, there are two forms of charity which are obligatory and voluntary, called Zakah and Sadaqah respectively.

Charity is for those in need. This is general principle which enjoins us to help people in need, be they good or bad, on the right path or not, Muslims or non-Muslims. No one should judge in these matters. The foremost ends in charity should be Allah’s pleasure and our own spiritual good. The concept of charity in Islam is thus linked with justice.

On the other hands, the giver is not to expect any reward from what they have done as they do it for the sake of Allah. My lecturer once said, “Whoever gives up something for the sake of Allah, Allah will substitute him with something better”.

As Allah says in the Qur’an, “As for him who gives (in charity) and keeps his duty to Allah and fears Him, and believes in Al-Husna, We will make smooth for him the path of ease (goodness).” (Al-Layl 92:5-7)

The best charity is to satisfy a hungry person, said Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). He also said “No wealth (of a servant of Allah) is decreased because of charity.” (Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith No. 2247).

And Allah has mentioned in the Qur’an, stressed on the Muslims to care for the needy, the orphans, the destitute and the unfortunate members of the society. ‘The believers … are steadfast in prayers, and in whose wealth there is a right acknowledged, for the poor and the destitute. (Al-Ma’arij 70:22-24).

Bear in mind, there is no limit on charity or sadaqah.

Hence, watch the video here or read the story below:

I finished my college here. I was working for Taj Group of Hotels Bangalore. I saw a very old man eating and he was eating his own human waste for hunger.

I thought, what is the purpose of my life? What am I going to do?

In a star hotel, I feed all my guests. But where in my hometown, there are people who are living even without food.

And I quit my job and start feeding all these people from 2002.

Today morning, we made Ven Pongal and Sambar. Vengal is a blend of rice and dahl wih a lot of spices. Vengal Pongal and Sambar was prepared for breakfast, and for lunch we made tomato rice and Sabji.

We feed the homeless, mentally ill destitute and old people who have been left uncared of the society. People are suffering for food. They don’t have food to eat. If you don’t give them food to eat they will die out of human hunger.

I cut their hair, I give them a shave, I give them bath.

For them, to feel psychologically that they are also human beings, there are people to care for them, they have a hand to hold, hope to live.

Food is one part. Love is another part.

So, the food will give them physical nutrition. The love and affection which you show, will give them mental nutrition.

Being a Brahmin community and an orthodox family. There are a lot of objections. Brahmin are not supposed to touch these people, clean these people, hug these people, and feed these people. Everybody has got 5.5 liters of blood.

I am just a human being. For me everybody the same. There are thousands and thousands, and lots and lots of people suffering.

What is the ultimate purpose of life?

It’s to give. Start giving. See the joy of giving.

Photo taken from Penduka Consulting

Izzud deen Redzuan

Former Managing Editor of IIUMToday 2014 - 2016, Best Undergraduate Researcher 2015 & Hamka Award 'Best Communication' Student for 33rd Convocation 2017.

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