Vegetable-based burger for healthier lifestyle

By Shawal Ras

KUANTAN: For those who like to eat burgers, you would now have the alternative of a healthier snack, dubbed as burger sayuran.  A group of researchers from the Kulliyyah of Allied Health Science, International Islamic University Malaysia has invented an alternative and healthier vegetable-based burger.

Led by Dr. Ibrahim Abu Bakar, the researchers have successfully invented a popular snack which is high in protein, contains less fat, and using no preservative nor artificial colouring.

“This burger got a very soft texture and it is digestible. Parents can easily give this to their children without the need to worry about their health,” said Dr. Ibrahim during our email interview.

In addition to the burger’s vegetable-based content, it also contains chicken or meat by 15%.

Now introduced with a new commercial name, ‘I-Jack Burg’, this healthy burger has won a few awards, including the International Research, Invention and Innovation Exhibition (IRIIE), I-Envec, as well as International Technology Exhibition (ITEX), all in 2013.

Those who are interested to become a nationwide distributor for this product may contact Dr. Ibrahim Abu Bakar at +6019-931-2573 or email him at

Photo taken from Ruslan Rusly’s blog

Shawal Ras

A lecturer by day and a music blogger by night. Formerly: Managing editor at IIUMToday, and lifestyle writer for Esquire Malaysia and The Score Magazine.

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