‘We CARE’ Mini Exhibition 2014

GOMBAK: An exhibition to showcase IIUM students contribution to society was held recently by the Leadership and Management Package under the Centre for Credited Leadership and Soft Skill (CLASS). It was called ‘We CARE mini exhibition 2014’. It was held at ITD and HS Walkway of IIUM main campus from 9 until 12 May.

It showcased the University Community Engagement (UCE) projects done by all 51 sections. The exhibition is a continuation from the UCE programme. “UCE involved all the skills learnt during the 10-week leadership class” said the head of the exhibition, Zuraifah Zolkepley.

Almost 1000 students participated. Among the judges for the exhibition were Dr. Benaouda Bensaid, the Head of  Soft Skills Department and Sabirah Abdullah, the Senior Assistant Director. The winners were announced on Friday and Saturday.

Zuraifah added, “The bonding between the student and the trainer is evident during the day of the exhibition.”

“In my opinion, the exhibition is a good platform for the students to exercise their leadership skills. We can see their teamwork throughout the exhibition’” said Wan Qistina, a participant for the exhibition.

She added, “As an exhibitor, I strongly urge all participants to learn from the course. Leadership is a soft skill that needs to be enhanced for the future”.

Image Credits: Br. Ahmad from Centre for Credited Leadership and Soft Skills (CLASS)


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