Badrun Hadi on the Road to Recovery

Political Science student Mohamad Badrunhadi bin Abdullah who lost part of his memory in an accident at his Mahallah two weeks ago is on the road to recovery.

In an interview with IIUM Today, his close friend, Masters student Najihah Mohd Tahir said that Badrun was beginning to recall bits and pieces of his memory like the jokes he used to make with friends and family alike.

Najihah shared that there were even times where Badrun would speak about past incidents without even realizing that he had successfully recalled these memories.

According to doctors, Badrun’s memory loss is not considered as critical as he was still able to recognize his parents and siblings. The accident only wiped out his memory from the time he was in high school up till today.

As Badrun’s recovery process enters its third week, Najihah says that his family and friends remain hopeful of his full recovery, and would like to express their gratitude to all those who have been making du’a for him.

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