ITD responses to WIFI Issues

Many IIUM students took to social media to complain about the WIFI problems they were facing the last few days.

Head of the Department of Network, Ahmad Naim Hamat, has given some explanations on the issue regarding the speed of WIFI. He says that Information Technology Division (ITD) is aware of the problem and had solved the problem yesterday at approximately 1.30 P.M.

According to Ahmad, the WIFI problem occurred due to overcrowding of the users. Additionally, the device that is used to protect the IIUM network from being attacked by outsiders requires High CPU processing, thus indirectly causing the WIFI speed to drop to a snail’s pace.

The problem of the WIFI troubled many IIUM students who were trying to finish their assignments.

Norhakimah Husin, from the department of Sociology says that she cannot even do her assignment because of the WIFI problem.

Siti Zainab Mahfooz, also from the Department of Sociology says that the WIFI problem has caused her much stress, as she is unable to complete her assignment and download lecture notes from iTaleem.

The ITD commented that it plans to avoid a similar problem in the future by resolving it with vendor and also by limiting the access of the WIFI from outsiders.

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